Sunday, May 11, 2008

Republican Babies need their mothers

By Ed Smallwood

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers who may be reading this! Are you aware of how Republicans in Congress honored Mother’s Day this week? By acting like spoiled children and voting against Mother’s Day openly in Congress. Yep, 178 Republicans voted against something as American as…mom…and apple pie. You see, they’re unhappy that the vote for the Iraq War Funding Bill didn’t go exactly the way they wanted it to, so they’ve vowed to slow down everything in Congress by holding their breath until a revote is called on everything that comes before them. Yep, everything. That’s what they did with the vote on a resolution honoring mothers, and when the revote was called, 178 of them, including Minority Leader John Boehner voted against motherhood. Next thing you know, one of them will rip the blue field off of a flag because that color represents the Democratic Party.

Some people may be saying that this childish behavior is a result of the Republicans being in the minority. I would counter and say that they always act like spoiled brats, even when they have the majority. Remember when they threatened to change the rules of the Senate if the Democrats Filibustered a vote on a judge that didn’t appeal to them? Is that really adult behavior? Honestly?

I propose that these mean, hateful people need their mothers more than ever. Perhaps things would be going better if their mothers would walk out onto the House floor, grab them by the ears, and haul them home for a good “talking to” behind the woodshed.

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