Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jack Cafferty Understands

By Ed Smallwood

Jack Cafferty absolutely went off on the current President of the United States live on CNN today. This was surprisingly candid, and unexpected. I know many people will do everything they can to convince us that the media is liberal, but just how often in the past eight years has the media criticized the President? Instead, they put his people in positions as “unbiased” military analysts.

Why did Jack do this? Today is the 60th anniversary of the founding of Israel. To mark the occasion, GW gave a speech in front of the Knesset, and called those who wanted to talk to Iran appeasers, and by extension, he was calling Barak Obama an appeaser. On the Wolf Blitzer program, The Situation Room, with several other commentators, Wolf Blitzer asked Jack Cafferty the following question:

Wolf Blitzer: “Is this going to scare Americans about Barak Obama, what the President said, Jack?”

Jack Cafferty: “No. This is like ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.’ One—George Bush is an embarrassment. I mean, the other day he opens his mouth and says his act of solidarity with the families of the kids that he had killed in Iraq—his war—was to give up playing Golf. I mean, every time he opens his mouth you want to get under the desk. The good news is he’s irrelevant. In five months or six months we close the door on this national nightmare and he goes away. But his idea is to invade a sovereign country in the middle east—Iraq—which posed no threat to us, on phony intelligence, sell it to the American public as a lie in effect. 4,000 troops plus, hundreds of billions of dollars, and his buddy, John McCain goes around singing ‘bomb-bomb-bomb Iran.’ There has been no diplomacy, there is no foreign policy except to roll some tanks up to the border and fly some airplanes over. Is it going to scare anybody? No. 80% of this country is fed up with George Bush’s policies—read the polls. 70% have given him the highest disapproval rating of any President in modern American history. He is beyond irrelevant and he is not going to scare anybody. He just babbles away like Elliot Spitzer talking about matrimonial fidelity. It’s a joke.”

It’s nice to see at least one person in the media actually gets it.

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