Friday, May 2, 2008

Political Cover Ups Can Be Messy

By Ed Smallwood

Yesterday, the news broke that Washington D.C. former Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey committed “Suicide.” You see, I put that in quotes for a reason. Ms. Palfrey was the madam to many important people in Washington. We don’t currently know which ones, because the court did not allow her to make that information public, but she kept saying she wanted to release the names of her customers. So, now, at the height of the election season, she turns up dead, and the Police in Florida decide before they even release the name of the person whose body they found, before an autopsy can be done, that it is definitely a suicide.

To be completely honest, there wasn’t a single part of me that believed it at any moment. Suicide was much too convenient an end to this woman’s life. Convenient for her customers, but not for the truth.

Her death is just like the end to William J. Casey’s life. In case you don’t remember, Bill Casey was the head of the CIA under Ronald Reagan. He was one of the major players in the Iran-Contra affair. You know, the time we sold missiles and fighter plane parts to Iran, a terrorist country even then, in order to get back some 100 hostages they took, while simultaneously illegally funding the CONTRA rebels in Nicaragua. A few hours before he was to testify before Congress about his knowledge in the case he was struck with an inability to speak and hospitalized. Several days later he failed to survive surgery for brain cancer. My most vivid memory of this period was when I told one of my high-school teachers that he would not be allowed to survive the surgery, and the teacher agreed with me.

That is what struck me about the case of Ms. Palfrey’s “suicide”. I simply do not believe it. I do not consider myself to be a “Conspiracy Theorist,” but there are cases, like this one, where my suspicions are aroused immediately. Why would the Police call this a suicide before announcing who they found? In my opinion, in the death of someone this important, you shouldn’t call it anything until the coroner’s report is filed. You could end up looking like you helped in a cover-up. We need a thorough investigation done into this case. We need to know if she was killed to prevent her from releasing the names of clients. It is much more important to me to know if someone in power is killing people to protect their name than it is to know if they paid for sex with someone. Someone like that should not be allowed to wield power in this country.

*Note: I attempted to post this article with the title linking to an article at OpEdNews several times, but each time I got an error. The article is titled "The Convenient 'Suicide' of the D.C. Madam." It is what prompted this blog entry.

**Additional note: I had forgotten that her body was found in Florida, and not in Washington D.C. This entry has been edited to reflect this fact. I offer all due apologies to the Police Department and all Officers in Washington D.C. for this error.


mjholt said...

Found you on Brad Blog. I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

The truth behind this info and phone records is questionable and should be checked out before someone decides to delete it:

Any comments, questions or concerns can be addressed to :
Montgomery Sibley, Palfrey's lawyer

Ed Smallwood said...

I often feel like I'm talking to an empty room. It's odd, but very nice when someone actually leaves a comment.
Thank you.