Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reconciliation? Why?

Democrats won big on the 4th, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Lots of people are trying to convince all of us that this country is “Center-Right” or slightly conservative. All you have to do is look at the results of this election to see that this is not true. Americans are pragmatic, and want what works. That is more important to Americans than party or political ideology. That is the message of this last election.

The Republicans took over our government by arguing that they were better at governing than the Democrats. They promised a better government, better economy, and a better, more moral, stronger America. In every one of these arguments they proved themselves tragically wrong.
So, now that the U.S. electorate has handed the Republicans their walking papers, what are they saying? They’re saying that the Democrats better quickly reach across the isle to them.

Say what?

Let me get this straight: For the last 20 years the Republicans have been openly lying about Democrats, from the Clinton health plan to the “Swift Boating” of John Kerry. They have been calling us “Socialists,” “Terrorists,” “Cowards,” “Traitors,” and I’m not exaggerating here. All of these terms have been used against Democrats repeatedly. Against going to war when the President openly lies about why we should? What are you, a terrorist-loving traitor? Sound familiar? Actually risked your life in Vietnam? Cowardly act, not worthy of a President. That’s what they said about Kerry. Is Obama a terrorist? Palin said we would have to decide ourselves. We did.

While the Republicans were in control of all three branches of government, about the only time they reached across the isle was to whack Democrats with a stick. Remember when they wanted to eliminate the Filibuster because the Democrats didn’t want certain Judicial appointments? Now THAT was bi-partisan. Really reached across that isle and hit us good there.

I have to be honest here: I feel absolutely no need to reach out to Republicans right now. They screwed up this country in more ways than I can mention here. They trashed our economy with their laissez-faire economics. They started a war with complete, bald-faced lies when we should have been paying attention elsewhere. They allowed thousands of people to die in preventable natural disasters and tried to convince us that they couldn’t have foreseen them coming when it was obvious to everyone what was going to happen.

They need to apologize to us. They need to reach across to us. I don't just mean Democrats, I mean everyone.

They must realize that cooperation is not the same as capitulation—they must give something up to cooperate. It’s not about them always winning. Reconciliation requires two sides, and they aren’t ready for it. Until they realize this, it can’t happen. And I see no reason to try to force it.

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