Friday, August 29, 2008

I’ve Seen the Real Competition

By Ed Smallwood

I found out who the real competition is last weekend. I was working at a Democratic Party booth at a local Home Design and Garden show in San Jose, CA. We had all kinds of Obama stickers, buttons, and shirts put out on the table. One of them has Mr. Obama and his family on it. It's a rather nice picture of them if you haven't seen it yet.

I should warn you that there is a very offensive statement coming up that came from one of the people visiting our booth. If you don't want to read anything that's offensive, you may want to skip the rest of this blog entry.

Before I got to the booth that day, a man came up to the booth, pointed at the family button, and said to the woman working there, "Oh, we can't have a couple of nappy-headed kids running around the White House."

I'm not joking. The lady working the booth at that time was stunned, and told him that was very offensive (as did a woman at another unrelated booth next to ours.) He replied, "Maybe, but a lot of us feel that way."

There isn't a single issue we can't beat McCaint over. None. He's on the wrong side of everything right now. He has no issue to attack with except "Obama is popular." That's pretty darn weak. His choice for VP completely disarmed his argument that Mr. Obama is too inexperienced to be President.

None of that will matter if we don't make sure we totally overwhelm the White Supremacist vote. They don't have have to be the majority to make a difference. Only a percent or two of the voting populace have to be this idiotic to give us more of the same. We must make sure they don't, or narrow-minded people who vote based solely on skin color rather than what is right or best for us will have decided our future for us.

Our best bet is to make sure we register to vote, our friends register to vote, and then make sure we all vote. If you can, register online to help with phone banks. Monitor voting if you can to reduce or eliminate voting irregularities. We can't afford another tainted election. It really is that important.

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