Thursday, April 17, 2008

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By Edward Smallwood

And now for something completely different.

Senator John McCain has been running for President mostly on the legacy of President G.W. Bush, saying that he agrees with Mr. Bush in virtually every respect. Mr. McCain has said that he wants to continue that legacy. He has also said that he is pro-military, and backs our boys overseas. Let’s just take a quick look at how things are going overseas and domestically:


This week’s unemployment figures show that there are 372,000 people who lost their jobs last week (new claims). That’s 17,000 more than the previous week. Roughly three million people are receiving unemployment benefits in the country. That’s out of a population of roughly 300 million. You can only claim unemployment benefits for 6 weeks, then you are no longer counted as unemployed, regardless of your job status.

At a time when roughly 3 million people are expected to lose their homes through foreclosure, that’s 372,000 more people who can’t make their mortgage payments.

Keep in mind that some economists are estimating that in the entire housing market we can expect to see up to Seven Trillion Dollars worth of write-downs. That’s more than twice the entire U.S. Federal Government’s income from taxes this year.

One Economist is estimating that we will not be out of the recession until 2010 at the earliest. Wow, what a legacy.

Our Military:

The RAND Corporation released a study today saying that about 300,000 veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or severe depression.

Not to add to that depression, but recently, several Senators suggested expanding the GI Bill. This is the one that allowed our fathers and grandfathers to go to school after fighting wars in order to better themselves. It also helped keep our military staffed by promising an education in return for military service. Estimates have come out that this program returned $7 in taxes for every dollar it cost the taxpayers. 700% return is a pretty good return on the investment. Both the Pentagon and Mr. McCain have come out against it. They’re afraid that people might leave the military if they can get an education. So, let’s retain, not recruit. Good one, Mr. Pro-Military. This’ll keep ‘em coming for your 100 year long war.

The War on Terror:

The Government Accounting Office released a report today about how the War on Terror is going. Aparently, AlQaeda has completely regenerated it’s capability to attack the United States from their safe havens in the border area shared between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
So, when do you think AlQaeda will attack, maybe October Mr. McCain? Or is that just hopeful thinking for the Republicans?

I’m sure somebody out there would argue that he’ll be better than any Democrat. Hogwash. Absolute Hogwash. I will state for the record that G.W. has been the worst President we have ever had. Period. Nobody has run up the Federal deficit like he has. Nobody has left our country open to attacks like he has. Nobody has broken our military like he has. Nobody has mismanaged the economy like he has. Nobody has broken laws the way he has. Period. Not even Nixon. There is truly no room for debate on this issue. If McCain is going to model himself after G.W. then virtually anyone, regardless of party affiliation or displayed ability, could do better. There is no way I could ever vote for this man, or anyone that would even try to excuse him for any of the things he has done.

And that's the honest truth.


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